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To coincide with the introduction of a new code of the Laws of Cricket the ECBACO has updated its training programme. The education and examining on the Laws will now be carried out by the MCC via online courses and timed tests. These materials can be accessed via . The courses are free, but it will be necessary to register and obtain an access code

The ECBACO will now concentrate on delivering training and development of the skills involved in umpiring, understanding of the laws and how best to facilitate and manage a game of cricket at all levels.  The programme is called “It’s Your Call”, and the first two courses “Stages 1&2” will be held in March 2018.

“Stage 1” is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws and how to apply them, the principles of field craft and match management. It gives the tools to enable a person to umpire at the basic recreational/ friendlies level of cricket

“Stage 2” is designed to give participants further knowledge and skills to enable them to become members of league panels if they wish and is available to anyone who has attended “Stage 1”. It complements Stage 1 by looking beyond the basic laws, builds on field craft and match management techniques and introduces the concept of working as a team with a colleague,

Dorset ACO is providing both courses, on consecutive Saturdays in March, 3rd and 10th respectively, and both will be held at Wimborne and Colehill Cricket Club, the Leaze, Wimborne.

ECBACO has developed an on-line booking and payment system for its’ training programme and this is the ONLY way to book and pay for a course. The fee for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 is £30. However when booking Stage 1 you will receive a code which will reduce the cost of the Stage 2 to £10 if booked at the same time.

The link for Stage 1 is;

The link for Stage 2 is;

If you require further information on the courses please contact me on;

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01305 257585

Ian “Shed “Springer.


CEO Dorset ACO


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