There is a national shortage of qualified umpires and scorers. This shortage became acute in Dorset recently, however with our recruitment drive this was alleviated to a small degree. This slight improvement does not imply that we are not intent on increasing our membership. Our proven courses of instruction and examination go some way to address this shortage.

In addition to our present core activities the Association is dedicated to:

  • attract new officials by raising the status of umpires and scorers
  • retain umpires and scorers by providing support and encouragement
  • improve the quality and develop the skills of umpires and scorers, by providing training, from short introductory courses, through various levels, including advanced training for experienced umpires and scorers, including refresher and update courses
  • develop and extend the assessment of umpires, so that umpires are helped and encouraged to maximise their potential
  • provide a mentoring scheme for new recruits
  • develop a pathway for umpires and scorers who aspire to the highest levels
  • provide for the continuing professional development of umpires
  • extend and develop communication with members, and between members, by promoting and extending the journal, the web site and by newsletters
  • provide facilities and encouragement for umpires and scorers of all  levels and abilities to meet and share experiences
  • increase the membership of the Association so as to be better able to provide for and represent those members.

If you are interested in joining our association please contact the Secretary.