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This page is intended to give members and cricket lovers everywhere a few snippets of information, some serious some not so serious, about umpiring and cricket in general and if anything stirs your imagination to take up umpiring please contact the secretary.


We are very short of umpires to stand in the leagues for next season and I hope to expand on this with a suggestion from Gloucester that ECB ACO members will have seen in the ECB ACO newsletter.  Is there a way we can introduce this in Dorset?

Captain's Marks and ACO Grades

A paper outlining the grading and marking systems is available on the InEx file section of 'Whostheumpire'.

Disclosure & Barring Service Certificates

Please note that the procedure for renewing a DBS Certificate with the ECB has changed and is now an On-Line Only procedure.  If you need to renew a certificate please contact the Secretary who can institute the procedure.

Mark Charles

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